Our special offer for groups!

All groups are welcome in our shop. Whether you are a school, preschool, kids club etc. you can benefit from our special offer. In order to do so you need do buy as little as 10 MediCall and/or SafeKid ID wristbands. You will receive a 15% discount and free shipping.

How can You benefit from a group discount?

Actually anyone can receive this discount - no questions asked. You only need to order a minimum amount of 10 wristbands. The discount will be added automatically.


Groups are our priority customers! Your bracelets will be manufactured in 48 hours and shipped the next working day. Shipping takes from 3 to 10 days depending on the method of your choice.


Groups are elligible to a 15% discount. The price will be reduced automatically upon the selection of a minimum of 10 wristbands.


Shipping is always too expensive – as you pay just for the service. However you can have it for free when you buy 10 wristbands. Remember to choose a free shipping option in the cart.

Safe Kids and Adults
Our mission is to ensure safety to kids in case they get lost. Situations like these happen everyday in shopping malls, parks, on beaches, playgrounds, public transportation etc. Children get lost often and it’s an extremely stressfull experience both for them as well as for their parents.

This is why we invented SafeKid ID Wristbands – with laser engraved contact details to contact parents quickly. Our Medicall ID wristtbands are a great way to ensure safety to adults during outdoor activities such as sports, travel, shopping etc.

Special discount
Thousands of kids and adults have already got their ID wristbands. We encourage you to buy yours with a discount. Order as little as 10 bracelets and receive a 15% discount and free shipping all over the EU.

from September 1, 2020

The group discount is available
till the end of June

MediCall and SafeKid ID Wristbands

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