What type of information do we engrave on our wristbands?

In case of emergency medical and contact details are the most important. It is recommended to limit the number of characters for better readability. Keep in mind that the text is only engraved on silicone. For best readability please consider buying an additional plastic text plate or bracelets with steel plates.


Laser printing your name gives the bracelet a personal touch. It it optional, but worth considering.


The phone number is obviously the most important data. We can engrave 1 or 2 numbers on each side of the bracelet. We engrave data only on the outer side of the wristbands for best readability.


It’s important to inform about any medical issues that might be needed in an emergency situation: medical conditions such as allergies, asthma, epilepsy, dementia, autism, ataxia. Or if you are wearing a special medical device such as a heart pacemaker etc.

ICE wristbands for adults and kids

MediCall and SafeKid ID

Original MediCall ID wristbands have been designed especially for persons engaged in all kinds of outdoor activities: sports, trips, We are promoting healthy lifestyle while having in mind safety. Our bracelets come in handy when kids get lost or when adults need to expose important medical details In case of emergency.
ICE Wristbands
Our wristbands have been marked with the ICE symbol which stands for in case of emergency. This makes them so much more than just a mere toy or accessory. The ICE symbol is treated as a source of important information about the person wearing it by emergency services worldwide.
MediCall ID Wristbands
Loved by children, chosen by parents.
Children love our wristbands for their beautiful lively colours. Parents choose SafeKid ID bracelets so their children can be safe even if they get lost.
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We take our job seriously. This is why we are totally committed to our mission which is to provide the best quality of personalised ID products and services to our customers. Our products are ready to ship the next working day and we are proud to have free shipping in Europe for purchases over 50€ (or 80€ for express shipment).

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Original ICE Wristbands
will ensure protection to you and your kids during

Short trips and long journeys

On the way to and back from school etc.

All kinds of outdoor activities

Shopping in malls etc.

Concerts, parties, festivals and other events